Some say you can’t go home again.

My heart always had you to hold onto.

Maybe, there are no such things as ever afters

within October skies.

Fleeting moments turned into theatrical scenes.

Perhaps, there were expectations of who we

were going to be.

Had our story all played out,

yet you went along just to change the ending.

Ever after wasn’t supposed to be our downfall.

Darling, we’ve been through so much together but,

if you have to see this through who am I to stop you?

Alas, we grew into each other while slowly

and quietly falling apart.

I was all in, chasing both our dreams.

With every stumble, my heart had always been with you.

I fought for you time and time again, yet you threw everything away.

After all, music is the melody that soothes my soul.



Rewriting Ever After

Moments lost in time,

Shared glances dressed up with unspoken words.

Perhaps, he saw something missing within her smile.

Couldn’t misplace the roseness upon her cheeks.

He understands why she pulled away,

Feelings take over matters of the heart.

She took his hand and followed his lead.

Ever after, happily ending scene.

Or so, she thought they’d be.

Alas, he is still a chapter in her own story.

When she was just a footnote in his.

At least, the memories stay the same.

It's hard not to romanticize what you wish would become reality.

Never meant to fall into the fantasy,

A writer’s journey can’t be reached on fallen words.

Wish a little dream upon the stars,

if only to heal what was lost.

Wholeheartedly, thank you for the beautiful memories.

Maybe, they’ll meet again someday.